On my block in Manhattan, I’ve noticed a diminished rally call at the marked 7pm hour for essential workers, which only weeks ago rose nightly in passionate crescendos. #weareinthistogether

How quickly appreciation for essential workers has been abandoned for the next battlecry of #blacklivesmatter. How quick we’ve been to black out our IG and march and sign petitions, often without specifically knowing why. Or considering the long game. I do hear critical voices —voices of those who do know exactly why—lead us forward intelligently and surgically; I also witness a heap of unchecked ideals and assumptions carry many into automatic protest.

Generalized anger or random good intentions channeled into the next available cause is simply noise. When we lack follow through or focus, the entire cause—whichever it is—is diluted. What’s worrisome about the sudden abandonment of 7 pm cheering is the fickleness of attitude and heart that signals, perhaps, the critical agenda and conversation of systemic racism and police violence will soon be forgotten in favor of the next trending issue.

In a month’s time, will you still be connected to—and acting upon—the convictions and values you stand for today? To be seen. I hope so.

Performance Coach